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Course Overview

The Deniliquin Golf Course is good sport. Good shots are rewarded, the greens are fast but true and are always in great condition. Poor shots find the huge trees (Gums & Box) that line most of the couch fairways. Water holes, Aljoes Creek, the Levy Bank, the New Dam and a few bunkers will keep you on the ball. [/one_half]
[one_half_last]By modern standards the course is not long, 5817 metres Par 72 for men and 5118 metres Par 72 for ladies. However, off the back tees, the course is a challenge for all levels of players.


Hole 1

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Hole 2

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Hole 3


Hole 4


Hole 5


Hole 6


Hole 7


Hole 8


Hole 9


Hole 10

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Hole 14

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Hole 17

Hole 18

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Dogleg Right. A birdie hole to start with. Tee shot must go down the centre, tree on the right or water down the left for the big hitters. Straight shot on or just short is OK. Slight slope on green. Uphill is ideal.

Mens: Par 5, Distance 429, Index 18

Ladies: Par 5, Distance 364, Index 14

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Straight. A very long par 3. Takes a very good hit to reach this flattish green. Left off the tee is ugly, right not good. Short is the only safe shot. Very few birdies on this hole, par is particularly good from the back tees (from any tee in fact). Driver or 3 wood for most or long iron for the young strappers.

Mens: Par 3, Distance 216, Index 2

Ladies: Par 3, Distance 170, Index 10

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Dogleg Right. Good tee shot is the key. Driver for most or once again 3 wood or long iron for the big hitters. Must be centre of the fairway as a nasty little pond and trees to the right. Short iron in – must hit target. Bunkers left of green, flattish green a very good birdie chance.

Mens: Par 4, Distance 325, Index 12

Ladies: Par 4, Distance 312, Index 2

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Dogleg Left. Tee shot of 190 metres is perfect. From back tees (3 tees) water left, creek right NOT GOOD. Rescue club or mid iron for the big boys. 140 – 150 metres in to this well trapped green that rises from front to back. A fast downhill putt. Real placement hole.

Mens: Par 4, Distance 338, Index 8

Ladies: Par 4, Distance 296, Index 4

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Short Par 3. A head wind puts some bite in this hole. Birdie chance to a flat green. Go for the pin, the other par 3’s are much tougher.

Mens: Par 3, Distance 127, Index 14

Ladies: Par 3, Distance 112, Index 18

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Dogleg Right. Right handers must fade, Left handers must draw. Don’t over do it as right is dead. Good driving hole as left blocks you out. Mortals hit second shot from around 150 metres. Just short is OK, elsewhere trouble awaits. 4 is a great score.

Mens: Par 4, Distance 367, Index 4

Ladies: Par 4, Distance 296, Index 12

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Straight.This is Deni.Must hit fairway with driver or 3 wood or trouble awaits. Lilly Pond short right of the green. Very fast green from back to front. Front pin is very dangerous, you can putt off the green if not careful.

Mens: Par 4, Distance 359, Index 6

Ladies: Par 4, Distance 301, Index 6

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Straight Short Par 5. Good drive, birdie or even eagle awaits. Sliced drive and the big trees make this hole very ugly. Birdie hole, grab it.

Mens: Par 5, Distance 431, Index 16

Ladies: Par 5, Distance 407, Index 8

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Another strong Par 3. If you miss the green just in front your OK – the rest is very difficult to get up and down. Watch wind direction, as you could hit as much as a 3 wood down to a 7 iron.

Mens: Par 3, Distance 170, Index 10

Ladies: Par 3, Distance 150, Index 16

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Straight. From the back tees a very tough hole. Front tees change the angle to be looking straight down the fairway not at the O.O.B. fence or road. New dam tightens the drive up for the big hitters. Second shot also must be straight. Quite a slope on the green.

Mens: Par 4, Distance 387, Index 1

Ladies: Par 4, Distance 325, Index 7

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Straight forward Par 3. Right very ugly. Flat green, beware of breeze. Back tee 170 metres. Once again straight and just short OK. Rescue wood to mid iron for tee shot.

Mens: Par 3, Distance 170, Index 9

Ladies: Par 3, Distance 145, Index 15

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“Great Par 5” Two real good shots and birdie awaits. Wild swipes off tee or second shots very ugly. A drive between bunker and edge of levy bank ideal. Poor drive leads to lay-up of bunkers short of green. Misjudgement of approach and green slopes slightly but quite fast.

Mens: Par 5, Distance 445, Index 5

Ladies: Par 5, Distance 406, Index 5

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“Our Best Par 3” Very exposed, big green but big bunkers surrounds the target. Breeze or wind a very big factor in club selection. 3 iron to 8 iron, subtle break on green, downhill very fast.

Mens: Par 3, Distance 151, Index 7

Ladies: Par 3, Distance 130, Index 11

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Straight. Very Good Par 5, only a few players get on in two. Most players play 2 woods and a wedge. Flat green with serious run off to the right. Must be very accurate.

Mens: Par 5, Distance 486, Index 11

Ladies: Par 5, Distance 426, Index 3

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Straight Long Par 4. Downwind a lot easier to carry big bunker that guards the right front of the green. Into breeze it’s a long carry. A difficult green to read. It is index 3 for men or 1 for ladies.

Mens: Par 4, Distance 378, Index 3

Ladies: Par 4, Distance 337, Index 1

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Straight Short Par 4. Big hitters go for green. Good drive will make easy birdie. Mere mortals take a driver or 3 wood and will be short of the cavity bunkers at 85 metres from green. Nice big flat green.

Mens: Par 4, Distance 303, Index 15

Ladies: Par 4, Distance 275, Index 17

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“Signature Hole” Placement of tee shot is the key. OOB left, creek right. Nice tee shot variety of clubs from tee reach flat fairway area. About 90 metres from very tricky 2 tied green. The shot in and putting will get all your attention. Or Should

Mens: Par 4, Distance 286, Index 13

Ladies: Par 4, Distance 235, Index 13

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Slight Left. Great closing hole in a close situation. Downhill, birdie hole, providing tee shot is perfect. Right ugly – left dam. The bombers will hit driver and iron on. But the green is tricky, quite slopey and downhill putts are very fast. Most players will have to play a nice pitch or chip. Not easy to get it close for the birdie.

Mens: Par 5, Distance 447, Index 17

Ladies: Par 5, Distance 427, Index 9

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