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Matt Thomas won the Central IGA Deniliquin Open on Sunday after a play-off with Vince Kelly.

After the pair both finished on 78 scratch at the end of the stroke event, it took three holes to separate the two. Both golfers chipped and putted for par on the 10th hole to start the sudden death battle. Kelly had a chance to secure the title on the next hole, but when putting for the win dropped short of the 11th and both scored a par. The third play-off hole was the 18th, with Kelly having a horror start and sending the ball into the drink off the tee. He recovered to find the hole in five shots. Thomas kept a cool head however, scoring a birdie to claim the title.

Unfortunately the Open fell on a day when our delightful autumn weather took a break, replaced with gale force winds which were not conducive to good golf.

The A grade handicap winner was in-form Graeme Willoughby with net 75, a shot clear of Peter Joice on 76.

B grade winner was Norm Purtill net 70, a shot clear from Neville Werner who has returned to golf and appears to have snuck under the handicapper’s radar.

The C grade scores were indicative of the conditions, with John Irwin taking the prize on net 78, from Ray Moye 81.

Ladies Open winner was Prue Lloyd 86. A grade handicap went to Kathy Simpson net 73 from Jen Choice 75, and B grade to Felicity McCalman 76, from Mandy Phyland 79.

Saturday’s stableford event, in conditions that were a stark contrast to Sunday, was won in A grade by Richard Lightfoot with a two over par 39 points, from Peter Seely 38. B grade winner was Jim Jenkins 39 from Mick Huntington 36, and in C grade Jim Hetherington had 35 to win from Ali Ferguson 34.

In Wednesday’s stableford event it was again the consistency of ‘Wrecker’ Willoughby that came to the fore in A grade with 38 points, to defeat Mick Lyne on countback. Scores were hot in B grade, with David Grant needing 43 points to score by a shot from David Wells.

The Mixed Vets competition was played on Monday and won by Brian Dudley on 40 points, from Jack Peacock 37.

Coming up we have another busy weekend on the course with a stableford event tomorrow and the popular St Michael’s Holey Hit-out on Sunday. This is a four-person ambrose event and the field is filling fast, so get your team on the sheet in the pro shop.

In the clubhouse the Joker’s Wild jackpot is quickly rising now the jackpot goes up $200 a week if not won. Get down to the club tonight for your chance to win.


Last week’s results:

Sunday March 18, Deniliquin Open stroke:
Men’s scratch: M Thomas 78, r/u V Kelly 78; Handicap: A grade G Willoughby 75, r/u
P Joice 76 c/b; B grade N Purtill 70, r/u N Werner 71, C grade J Irwin 78, r/u R Moye 81.
Ball comp: N Purtill, N Werner, G Willoughby, B Dudley, R Turner, M Thomas, P Joice, B Bourke c/o 76.
NTP: 2nd D Ring; 5th D Ramsey; 9th J Penna; 11th D Ring; 15th D Ring.
Ladies scratch: P Lloyd 86; Handicap: A grade net C Simpson 73. r/u J Choice 75; B
grade F McCalman 76, r/u A Phyland 79 c/b.
Ball comp: C Simpson, J Choice, P Lloyd, F McCalman, L O’Brien, G O’Halloran c/o 77.
NTP: 2nd P Lloyd; 5th V Laing; 9th S Lugsdin; 11th G O’Halloran; 13th A Gorsuch.
Saturday March 17, stableford:
A grade R Lightfoot 39, r/u P Seely 38; B grade J Jenkins 39, r/u G Huntington 36; C grade J Hetherington 35, r/u A Ferguson 34.
Ball comp: R Lightfoot, J Jenkins, P Seely, T Howe, G Huntington, D Alexander, D Wade, A Ferguson, P Barnes, R Yates, F McCalman, S Beehag, K Reeves, A Bull, P
Oddy, J Hetherington, L Campbell c/o 32.
NTP: 2nd A Brunker, G Collins; 5th T Howe, J Jenkins; 9th J Hunt, J Jeffrey; 11th L Campbell, F McCalman; 13th R Lightfoot, G Collins. Golden Hole – J Jenkins.
Wednesday March 21, men’s stableford:
A grade G Willoughby 38 c/b, r/u M Lyne 38; B grade D Grant 43, r/u D Wells 42.
Ball comp: D Wells, P Beckton, G Willoughby, S King, N Werner, D Wade, C Mitsch, P Seely, B Dixon, B Scott, R Turner, R Lawrence, R Gray, K Pearce, M Lyne, G Bessell, D Grant c/o 34.
NTP: 9th G Willoughby, C Liefting.
Golden Hole – C Thomson.
Monday March 19, mixed vets:
B Dudley 40, r/u J Peacock 37.
Ball comp: G Rothwell, N Nicholas, F
Harrington, P Davis, N Purtill, A Danckert, D Ramsey, G Huntington.
Thursday March 15, ladies stableford:
A grade M Menadue 38, r/u M Rothwell 37; B grade Y Holmes 36, r/u A Gorsuch 35.
Ball comp: A Ferguson, D Hunter, P Larcombe, R Barnes, C Hardman, T Catt c/o 32.
NTP: 9th A Gorsuch.
Tuesday March 20, ladies nine-hole stableford:
1st D Seignior 20 c/b, 2nd P Davis 20 c/b,
3rd C Hardman 20.
Ball comp: K Campbell, A Bull, C Maw, A Everitt, F Harrington, V Barnes.
NTP: V Barnes.