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Graeme and Sam Willoughby teamed up
to win the 36 hole event in the Purtills
Autumn Classic at the weekend.
They carded an impressive aggregate of
97 stableford points for the two days.
There were more than 150 players on the
course on Saturday and more than 160 on
Sunday, guaranteeing a great weekend of
golf in ideal conditions.
The 36 hole scratch event winners were
Peter Joice and Chris Thomson with 77
Ladies 36 hole handicap winners were
Ester Bolton and Glenda Campbell with 85
points and scratch winners were Prue Lloyd
and Lyn O’Brien with 53.
Saturday’s winners were Kirk and Clint
Thompson (men) with 49 points, and Ali
Ferguson and N Turner (ladies) on 43 points,
while Sunday’s winners were Mick White
and Eddy McQuinn scoring 52 (men), and
Sarah Lugsdin and Virginia Lange (ladies)
with 44.
On Wednesday the stableford event winner
in A grade was Peter Seely with 38
points on countback from Robert Landale,
and in B grade Peter Beckton with 41 on
countback from Wayne Jamieson.
Last Thursday’s ladies stroke event winner
was Lyn O’Brien scoring net 67, from
Kerran Leetham net 71.
The busy time on course in delightful
autumn weather continues over the next few
Tomorrow is a stableford event and
Sunday is the IGA Deniliquin Open, with
9.30am assembly for 10am shotgun start.
Entry forms are in the pro shop or on the
club website.
The second Mixed Vets event will be
played on Monday, with 9am assembly for
9.30am shotgun start. There are 9 hole and
18 hole events and handicap and nonhandicap
sections, with a presentation lunch
to follow.
If you want to get into this great game of
golf, clinics are presently being conducted
for juniors and seniors. The junior clinics
are from 4pm on Friday and senior clinics
are Sunday mornings. Note this Sunday’s
clinic will be earlier, from 8am to 9am, to
accommodate the Deniliquin Open.
In the clubhouse don’t forget to hang
around after golf for the members’ draw,
with a jackpot this week of $300. The Joker’s
Wild jackpot will also jump up quickly as it
is now increasing by $200 a week. The draw
is held at 8pm on Friday after the meat raffle
draw – your meat raffle ticket automatically
gets you in the running for Joker’s Wild.
There’s always plenty of fun and surprises
at the club on Friday nights – last week there
was an impromptu live performance with
joke telling from a 90 year old comedian,
which had everyone in stitches.
Last week’s results:
Autumn Classic, Saturday and Sunday
March 10 and 11:
36 hole events: Men’s handicap G and S
Willoughby 97, r/u L Strongman and Col
Thompson 92, scratch P Joice and Chris
Thomson 77. Ladies handicap E Bolton and
G Campbell 85, r/u C Hardman and J Choice
82 c/b, scratch P Lloyd and L O’Brien.
Men K and C Thompson 49, r/u J Marshall
and K Dunmore 45; ladies A Ferguson and N
Turner 43, r/u D Hunter and K Jennings 42
Ball comp: Men L Strongman, C Thompson,
C Thompson, K Thompson, G
Willoughby, S Willoughby, J Marshall, K
Dunmore,WJamieson, B Zeally, B Bennett,
R Begg, J Irwin, D Alexander, R Moye, N
Porter, P Beckton, J Hetherington, J Holden,
R Turner, P Secell, C Chick, S Harkin, C
Thorp c/b 43. Ladies A Ferguson, N Turner,
D Hunter, K Jennings, K Leetham, V Hutton,
M Radeski, K Sandford, E Bolton, G
Campbell, N Wells, S Eisenhower.
NTP: 2nd B Zeally, N Wells; 5th G
Vormister, P Larcombe; 9th L Strongman, A
Weiss; 11th G Collins, P Lloyd; 13th G
Corboy, P McCalman.
Men M White and E McQuinn 52, r/u P
Beckton and J Hetherington 46; ladies R
Barnes and F Harrington 42 c/b.
Ball comp: M White, E McQuinn, G
Willoughby, S Willoughby, A Hopkins, G
Hartwig, P Beckton, J Hetherington, J
Marshall, K Dunmore, G Collins, P Thompson,
B Barlow, D Irwin, D Ramsey, N Purtill,
P Joice, C Thomson, R Yates, A Jenkin, S
Calanan, M Cameron, J Irwin, D Alexander,
c/o 43. Ladies S Lugsdin, V Lange, E Bolton,
G Campbell, F Harrington, R Barnes, M
Rothwell, J Armytage, C Hardman, J
Choice, M Radeski, K Sandford, c/b 40.
NTP: 2nd B Barlow; 5th D Ring, A
Danckert; 9th P Oddy, A Danckert; 11th B
Chaplin, K Druitt; 13th B Chaplin, V Lange.
Wednesday March 14, stableford:
A grade P Seely 38, c/b R Landale; B grade
P Beckton 41, c/b W Jamieson.
Ball comp: W Jamieson, P Beckton, D
Wells, G Bessell, G Beck, G Huntington, P
Seely, P Hodgkinson, M Lyne, C Thomson,
N Nicholas, R Yates, P Joice, B Barlow, R
Landale, A Ellerman, c/o 36.
NTP: N Purtill, K Pearce. Golden hole C
Thursday March 8, ladies stroke:
L O’Brien 80-13-67, r/u K Leetham
Ball comp: M Rothwell, A Ferguson, P
Lloyd, P Davis, C Hardman,DHunter c/b 78.
NTP: P Davis, K Druitt.
Tuesday March 13, ladies par 3:
Thurs – K Campbell 25 c/b, r/u R Barnes
25; Tues – A Everett 25 c/b, r/u M Farrell 25.
Ball comp: F Munnerley, M Smith, S
Butcher, B Daniels, Y Holmes, S Aitken.
NTP: 4th F Harrington; 5th S Pisasale; 9th
C Hardman, D Spalding.