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Our Seniors Week of Golf was a great success with over 300 visiting and local entries. Dates are already booked for next year. More photos below.

Our Seniors Week of Golf was a great success with over 300 visiting and local entries. Dates are already booked for next year. More photos below.


We are thrilled to report that June is back on deck, not 100%, but close  We trust that she continues to recover. We owe a great debt to those who helped out in the Club over the last few weeks, especially Jack, Cathy and Des.

Trading over the month of October has been great with the highlights being our Seniors Week Of Golf, expertly run by Graeme Willoughby and involving over 300 entries; and the South West Music Cabaret which attracted 122 people. The band “Pearly Shells” was fabulous and they had plenty of people up on the dance floor. South West Music is very keen to use our Club as a venue for future concerts.

Functions have significantly increased our bar profits. A number of functions are booked, leading up to Christmas. With the increased function activity, we do need assistance with setting up and packing up the room etc. We are looking for a small group of people to work with June to help with this task.

Our AGM will be held on the 28th November, 7.00pm for 7.30pm start. We look forward to seeing our members there.

This weekend we have the Spring Classic and hopefully some excellent golf weather.
Norm Purtill


This “nearest the pin” competition on the 5th hole on Competition Days has been very well received. From 8th November Wed, Thurs and Sat “Comp Fees”are increased to $13 to automatically include all competitors in the Golden Hole. Winners each day will have their winnings added to their fob balance.
All grades play as one in this competition.


The 27 Club will hold their end of year Dinner on 10th December. Again prawns, steaks and salads are the order of the day.
This wonderful initiative is an excellent fundraiser for our Club and we much appreciate the efforts of organisers Ian Lance and Adam Wettenhall.

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  • The Mygolf Junior Golf Clinics will commence on Friday 3rd November. Sessions will run from 4-5pm over the next 6 weeks with the last session on 8th December. The program is designed for ages between 5 and 12 inclusive but older students are welcome if numbers permit. Registrations must be made via the MyGolf website
  • The Sunday morning Adult Golf Clinics with Graeme Willoughby will be recommencing soon.
Local couch dieback on our fairways.

Local couch dieback on our fairways.


Now that growth throughout the Course is again active it is time to re-energise our “Adopt a Hole” initiative. These small groups of helpful members have been instrumental in greatly improving the Course in the past. There is no doubt “pride and ownership” of a particular hole is fun and ensures our Course is always in tip-top condition. Parramatta grass and Paspallum control, whipper snipping and generally tidying up YOUR hole is the aim. Terry will help with supplying “round-up rollers” and any tools required.



What a frustrating month this has been. Predicted rains have not turned up, the warmer weather has only turned up for a couple of days at a time, and the winds have been regularly causing a mess. With that said, comments coming from members and visitors have been great and the course has been super busy.

The main cause of frustration is that despite getting the best spraying result ever, eradicating invasive species on our fairways, the weather has been so inconsistent, that the couch grass still isn’t growing. In some areas the local couch has actually died back. This happens when the non aggressive natural couch grass is lured out of dormancy by some warm weather, only to then revert back to dormancy by cold snaps. It has meanwhile used up its stored energy to stimulate the initial green up and has nothing left to revive itself again even when the weather is ideal. As you can see in the photo above, the aggressive hybrid couch Wintergreen is so dense that it protects itself from ever becoming totally dormant. We have applied a liquid nitrogen fertiliser to all fairways and will follow it up with a granular application next month.

Fairway coring has been completed on 14th, 17th, 2nd and 9th. This is ongoing and granular fertiliser can penetrate to root zones better, following this coring.

The tees are performing ok but the same problem applies to them as the fairways. An excellent spray out and we are now waiting for the recovery.

The greens are performing great. We are now down to our minimum height of 3mm and taking a good amount of grass off them when cutting. Watering has been quite consistent due to no rain but I’m trying to keep it to a minimum. Outer edges tend to dry off very quickly this time of year so we’ve applied a couple of doses of soil conditioner to combat drypatch.

Green renovations will be done on the 6th and 7th of November. Greens will be given the full treatment to ensure they get through summer as well as possible. Scarifying, coring, topdressing and fertilising will all be carried out that week weather permitting. We call out again for helpers for both mornings, ideally two teams of four for a couple of hours each day. First group 8am to 10am; second group 10am to 12pm if all goes well. If we don’t get enough helpers, then unfortunately the Wednesday and Thursday comps will be affected.

The Practice Bunker will soon have it’s surrounds turfed by sod sowing.

You will notice that the cup liners are back. These are used simply to save maintenance time. The photo below on the left is of a cup with no liner set on a Monday morning with the pic taken before the Wednesday comp. It’s probably had less than 100 rounds through it, and it’s a total mess. The photo on the right shows a cup with the liner. It is from the putting green and it was cut three and a half weeks before the pic was taken.  It’s had easily the equivalent of 600 rounds through it. Again chalk and cheese, and I know which one I would prefer to putt to!  We don’t have the staff to change cups every day or run around and trim every cup each day so liners are our best option.

Cart users continue to be a frustration. What’s more frustrating is that some of our local members are the worst culprits. We continually see carts on the side of the greens, some only two feet off the green. I’ve explained and given evidence of the wear and tear this causes many times but to no avail. I’m now suggesting we supply every cart on the course with a sticker that must be placed across the bottom of the screen stating “all carts must remain 10 metres from greens at all times”. The black lines we have used before are time consuming and costly with the lines only lasting a few weeks.

Our fence sheets will turn up this week and we will start fitting them as soon as time permits. Jack is away at TAFE again this week so time will be hard to find as we prepare for the Spring Classic and renovations.

The Lawn Tennis club is hosting the National Croquet tournament again next week . To say that it’s going to be a busy few weeks is an understatement.

To those members who have helped out in the “Adopt a Hole” program, the Parramatta grass eradication time is ideal for a good kill from now on.

Good Golfing
Terry Howe & Ian Fuller.


  • Doris Everitt was won by Marg Rothwell
  • 4BBB Knockout was won by Karen Druitt and Kym Sandford
  • Medal of Medals was won by Pauline Davis
Jan Lord, Marg Menadue, Anita Gorsuch and Pam Larcombe getting ready for the Spring Classic BBQ.

Jan Lord, Marg Menadue, Anita Gorsuch and Pam Larcombe getting ready for the Spring Classic BBQ.


I am pleased to report that we are still very busy in the food department. I do think that a great deal of our functions are happening through word of mouth.Earlier this month we had a call from Sydney in regards to catering for a seminar held at the Club, we accepted of course. We have had many repeat customers, so that tells me we are doing exactly what they require.

This month started with a function that required food for two days, this was one of our repeat customers. For us Vets Week were platters of savouries on the bar each night and of course a continual supply of coleslaw. The Vets dinner Friday night supplied by Peter Seely was absolutely delicious. Bev and Pam did a great job as our lovely waitresses for the night, many thanks to all.

We had the best music and a packed house for the South West Music “Pearly Shells” Concert, on the 14th. We provided platters for this occasion which was a bit of a challenge as we had never attempted this type of food before, however we girls did ok.

Andrew and Melissa, our Harvey Norman sponsors celebrated their Wedding at the Club. It was self catered for, with the help of Pat and myself to attend to all the little details. A lovely occasion.

The Holden Scramble menu was coleslaw for the Barby and nibbles for the end of the day, it all went well.

Tuesday Golfers were treated to a Luncheon supplied by Bronwyn and myself. I am sure they all went home feeling very satisfied.

Pat and Jan provided luncheon for the Sydney people on Friday, they were extremely happy. Thanks Pat, Jan and Bronwyn.
Anita Gorsuch


4/5 Nov     Harvey Norman Spring Classic. Men’s and Ladies 4BBB
12 Nov      Legacy Golf Day 11.30 for noon shotgun start
16 Nov      Ladies 12 Holes + Christmas Party
19 Nov      Channel 4 Change Charity Day 11.30 for noon shotgun start
26 Nov      Club Presentation + Combined Board/Staff/Volunteers Christmas Party. Optional golf followed by lunch at 12.30 and Presentation. No cost event.
28 Nov      AGM, 7 for 7.30pm
Happy Hour 6pm to 7pm
Meals available – Bookings Preferred
Raffle tickets from 6pm
Meat raffle and voucher draw 7.30pm
27 Club Draw 7.45pm
Joker’s Wild Draw 8pm. This week’s jackpot is $5,100

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