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Big field for Classic

A big field will gather this weekend for
the annual Winter Classic.
The fourball best ball stableford will be
played over Saturday and Sunday, with 18
hole events each day and a combined 36
hole event. The club thanks our sponsors,
Riverina Watermatic, Cleaner Carpets and
Deniliquin Tile Centre.
Like all the classics it is certain to be a
great weekend. Good luck to all players, and
don’t forget there will be a barbecue lunch
available on both days.

Deniliquin Golf Club Winter
Classic tee-off times.
Saturday, 1st tee:
8:04am Tumut x 2, R Landy, J
Grant; 8:12 Tumut x 2, J Marshall, J
Scott; 8:20 Tumut x 2, P Joice, C
Thomson; 8:28 Tumut x 2, A Jenkin,
R Yates; 11:48 F McCalman, A
Danckert, J Wall, C Letherby; 11:56
G Beckton, S Harris, C Hardman, F
Harrington; 12:04pm W Jamieson,
W Harris, R Lawrence, P Beckton;
12:12 N Boswell, D Ramsey, J
Radeski, P O’Brien; 12:20 J Irwin, D
Alexander, G Rothwell, P Hayes;
12:36 B Barlow, M Ritchie, A Lord, R
Campbell; 12:44 K Leetham, V
Hutton, H Foster, A Phyland; 1pm S
Lugsdin, V Lange, T Catt, S Cohen.
Saturday, 10th tee:
8:04am Tumut x 2; 8:12 Tumut x
2; 8:20 Tumut x 2; 8:28 Tumut x 2;
11:16 J Armytage, M Radeski, R
Barnes, K Jennings; 11:24 B Campbell,
M Rothwell, D Hunter, J Lord;
11:32 P Lloyd, L O’Brien, G Campbell,
E Bolton; 12:04pm G Willis, M
Thomas, P Seely, B Veltmeyer;
12:12 B Purtill, P Larcombe, W
Pearce, J Jefferies; 12:28 M Aitken,
K Reeves, N Werner, J Dario; 12:36
L Campbell, N Purtill, J Dedman, C
Thompson; 12:44 P Grant, M
Menadue, P Taylor, S Butcher;
12:52 P Whittakers, J Whittakers, G
Willoughby, R Phillips; 1pm D Grant,
S Phillips, B Cohen, I Fuller.
Sunday, 1st tee:
8:04am Tumut x 2, R Yates, A
Jenkin; 8:12 Tumut x 2, J Marshall, J
Scott; 11am R Barnes, K Jennings,
D Hunter, J Lord; 11:08 Tumut x 2, J
Dedman, C Thompson; 11:16 Tumut
x 2, G Willis, M Thomas; 11:24
Tumut x 2, N Werner, J Dario; 11:32
J Armytage, M Radeski, B Campbell,
M Rothwell; 11:40 C Hardman,
F Harrington, P Lloyd, L O’Brien;
11:48 G Campbell, E Bolton, J Wall,
C Letherby; 11:56 G Willoughby, R
Phillips; 12:12pm B Purtill, P
Larcombe, P Grant, M Menadue;
12:36 L Campbell, N Purtill, M
Aitken, K Reeves; 12:44 P Taylor, S
Butcher, A Ferguson, A Crossley.
Sunday, 10th tee:
8:36am P Joice, C Thomson, A
Lord, R Campbell; 8:44 P Davis, Y
Holmes, S Lugsdin, V Lange; 11:08
Tumut x 2, R Landy, J Grant; 11:16
Tumut x 2, P Seely, B Veltmeyer;
11:24 Tumut x 2, J Radeski, P
O’Brien; 11:32 J Irwin D Alexander N
Boswell D Ramsey; 11:56 G
Beckton, S Harris, F McCalman, A
Danckert; 12:20pm G Rothwell, P
Hayes, K Wemyss, J Bennett; 12:28
K Leetham, V Hutton, H Foster, A
Phyland; 12:36 K Druitt, S Aitken, C
Fuller, S Cohen; 12:44 B Barlow, M
Ritchie, W Jamieson, W Harris.

On Saturday we had the Central IGA
Monthly Medal, won by Neville Werner who
continues to lower his handicap back towards
where it used to be, since returning
after a break from golf. He also won B grade,
with net 68.
A grade winner was Neil Boswell with net
70, on countback from John Radeski, and C
grade went to Robert Armytage with net 72
on countback from Laurie Hughes. B grade
runner-up was Marg Rothwell with net 69,
the second best score of the day.
The men’s foursomes was played on
Sunday and winners were Graeme
Willoughby and John Radeski with 79-5-74.
Note, the mixed foursomes will be played on
Sunday, June 24.
On Wednesday the A grade stableford
winner was Ian Fuller with 40 points, from
Graeme Rothwell on 38. In B grade Graham
Huntington had 41, a shot clear of runner-up
James Rhook with 40.
Leading into the long weekend why not
head down to the club tonight for the meat
raffles and Joker’s Wild, which is climbing
rapidly and now up to $4600. And be on the
look-out for a Friday night treat in the near
Last week’s results:
Saturday, June 2, monthly medal:
A grade N Boswell 70, c/b J Radeski; B
grade N Werner 68, r/u M Rothwell 69, C
grade R Armytage 72, c/b L Hughes. Medal
winner N Werner.
Ball comp: N Werner, N Boswell, J
Radeski,MRothwell, A Crossley, L Hughes,
A Jenkin, G Corboy, P Joice, R Moye, M
Thomas, J Pearce, J Irwin, M Lyne, M
Aitken, P Seely, B Dudley, G Davies, c/o 75.
NTP: 2nd V Kelly; 5thMThomas; R Moye;
9th T Grant; 11th C Hardman, D Alexander;
13th C Thomson. Golden hole M Thomas.
Wednesday June 6, single stableford:
A grade I Fuller 40, r/u G Rothwell 38; B
grade G Huntington 41, r/u J Rhook 40.
Ball comp: G Huntington, J Rhook, G
Rothwell, W Hodgson, R Turner, G
Willoughby, P Joice, F Conallin, R Parks, R
Landy, P Robinson, B Dudley, J Irwin, C
Thomson, D Alexander, B Dixon, B Jennings,
C Liefting, R Moye, B Bourke, N
Boswell, I Fuller, D Grant, c/o 33.
NTP: N Purtill, B Dixon. Golden hole P

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