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  • Spring Classic 2018


    Saturday, September 22nd

    1. Men’s 18 Hole Four Ball Best Ball
      Stableford Handicap
      Entry Fee $25.00 per Player
    1. Ladies 18 Hole Four Ball Best Ball
      Stableford Handicap
      Entry Fee $25.00 per Player

    Sunday, September 23rd

    1. Men’s 18 Hole Four Ball Best Ball
      Stableford Handicap
      Entry Fee $25.00 per Player
    1. Ladies 18 Hole Four Ball Best Ball
      Stableford Handicap
      Entry Fee $25.00 per Player

    Saturday September 22nd & Sunday September 23rd

    1. Men’s & Ladies 36 Hole Four Ball
      Stableford Handicap Conjunction
      Events 1 & 3 and 2 & 4.
    1. 36 Hole Scratch Event For Men’s
      And Ladies.
    1. No entry fee required for events 5& 6






  • Dickie’s top fourball form

    Jeff ‘Dickie’ Grant might be in hot
    demand as a fourball partner following his
    winning efforts over recent weeks.
    After his success with Bob Landy to take
    out the recent Winter Classic, he continued
    the form on Saturday, teaming up with
    George Willis to win the fourball best ball
    They had 49 points, two clear of Geoff
    Corboy and Kevin Reeves, with a further
    shot to third placegetters Laurie Hughes and
    Rob Armytage.
    On Sunday the mixed foursomes was
    played, with Graeme Willoughby and Pauline
    Davis taking the handicap trophy with
    70.5, on countback from Barry and Jayne
    Barlow. Scratch went to Brian Bourke and
    Kerran Leetham with 79.
    Nearly 50 players braved a cold Wednesday
    for the stableford event. Gary Davies
    had 38 to defeat in-form Barry Barlow by a
    shot in A Grade, while Wayne Jamieson
    scored 39 to win B grade, from James Rhook
    on 37.
    Last Thursday the ladies played their
    foursomes championship, with 18 and 27
    hole events. Both the 27 and 18 hole
    handicap winners were Ali Ferguson and
    Gayle Beckton with 74 nett, and 27 hole
    scratch winners were Kerran Leetham and
    Vicki Brunker with 135.
    In other club news, don’t forget the
    Volunteers’ Day on Sunday where there will
    be a nine hole competition from 10am,
    followed by barbecue lunch and refreshments.
    If you are going to be there, please
    advise June ASAP.
    Also, get your table organised for Christmas
    In July on Friday, July 13.
    The pizza craze continues tonight. If you
    haven’t been down to the club to check out
    these ripper pizzas at the best price in town
    (only $10 for a large pizza), you’re missing
    The Joker’s Wild jackpot is at a handy
    $5200 and the members’ draw is steadily
    climbing and will this week be $600.
    Last week’s results:
    Saturday, June 23, fourball best ball
    G Willis and J Grant 49, G Corboy and K
    Reeves 47, L Hughes and R Armytage 46.
    Ball comp: G Willis, J Grant, G Corboy, K
    Reeves, L Hughes, R Armytage, I Fuller, N
    Metcalfe, G Campbell, R Barnes, J Hunt, M
    Aitken, B Landy, R Turner, M Rothwell, M
    Radeski, P Joice, R Yates, J Radeski, G
    Willoughtby, c/b 42.
    NTP: 5th M Radeski, R Armytage; 9th P
    Joice, F Harrington; 11th G Maddison, D
    Ramsey; 13th P Joice, F McCalman. Golden
    hole G Rothwell.
    Sunday, June 24, mixed foursomes championship:
    Handicap G Willoughby and P Davis 70.5,
    on c/b B and J Barlow. Scratch B Bourke and
    K Leetham.
    Ball comp: G Willoughby, P Davis, B
    Bourke, K Leetham, B Barlow, J Barlow, N
    Purtill, B Purtill, V Kelly, P Lloyd, c/b 74.5.
    Wednesday June 27, single stableford:
    A grade G Davies 38, r/u B Barlow; B
    grade W Jamieson 39, r/u J Rhook 37.
    Ball comp: W Jamieson, G Davies, J
    Rhook, B Barlow, B Landy, P Joice, K
    McMillan, K Pearce, W Hodgson, D Ramsey,
    J Gibbs, D Grant, J Metcalfe, c/o 34.
    NTP: P Seely.
    Thursday June 21, ladies foursomes:
    18 holes A Ferguson and G Beckton 74, r/u
    S Simpson and A Bull 76.5; 27 holes A
    Ferguson and G Beckton 111.5. Scratch K
    Leetham and V Brunker 135.
    Ball comp: C Fuller, P Grant, M Menadue,
    A Gorsuch, S Simpson, A Bull c/o 112.25.
    Tuesday June 26, ladies secret six stableford:
    M Smith 16, r/u P Taylor 15.
    Ball comp: P Jarratt, J Hobson, S Aitken,
    M Farrell, B Daniels c/o 12.
    NTP: T Catt, F Harrington.

  • Bob, Dickie clear Classic winners

    Bob Landy and Jeff ‘Dickie’ Grant had a
    comfortable five shots win in the Winter
    Classic 36 holes men’s handicap event at the
    They set up the victory with an impressive
    51 points on Saturday, even avoiding a
    potential disqualification scare. They followed
    this with a steady 45 points on
    Sunday to finish well clear of runners-up
    Wayne Jamieson and Wayne Harris with 91.
    Ladies winners were Marg Radeski and
    Jane Armytage with 87 on countback from
    Wendy Pearce and Jill Jeffrey.
    In the scratch events, the men’s winners
    were Peter Joice and Chris Thomson with
    72, and in the ladies it was Jane Wall and
    Carol Letherby with 65.
    The classic was the centrepiece of another
    successful weekend and the club thanks
    sponsors Riverina Watermatic, Cleaner
    Carpets and Deniliquin Tile Centre for their
    On Wednesday the A grade winner was
    Wayne Hodgson with 42 points, from Peter
    Joice who had a one under par 71 to record
    41 stableford points. B grade winner was
    Rob Armytage with 43 from Tony Tonta on
    40. And despite what members saw on the
    results screen in the clubhouse, Rob Gray
    did not have a hole-in-one on the 18th
    (perhaps a reminder that you need to enter
    the stableford points rather than strokes
    into the computer).
    There is plenty of golf in coming days.
    Tomorrow is a single stableford and
    round one of the singles knock-out.
    On Sunday we have a visit from Cohuna
    Golf Club and a mixed fourball competition
    will be played. More local players are being
    sought, so if available put your name down
    in the pro shop. There will be a barbecue
    lunch from 11am before a shotgun start at
    Monday is the mixed vets, with 9am
    assembly for a 9.30am shotgun start.
    Also, don’t forget the nine holes winter
    competition. Details and entry is in the pro
    In the clubhouse the Joker’s Wild tonight
    is just shy of $5,000.
    As a special treat, over the winter months
    Peter Seely will be cooking gourmet pizzas
    on a Friday night, so why not get down to the
    club and support this great initiative.
    Last week’s results:
    Winter Classic:
    36 hole events: Men R Landy and J Grant
    96, r/u W Jamieson and W Harris 91, scratch
    P Joice and C Thomson 72. Ladies M
    Radeski and J Armytage 87, c/b W Pearce
    and J Jeffrey. Scratch J Wall and C
    Men M Aitken and K Reeves 47, r/u J
    Dario and N Werner 44; ladies H Foster and
    M Phyland 46, r/u V Hutton and K Leetham
    Ball comp: Men R Landy and J Grant, W
    Jamieson and W Harris, M Aitken and K
    Reeves, N Werner and J Dario, B Zealley
    and T Lugsdin. Ladies W Pearce and J
    Jeffrey, H Foster and M Phyland, K Leetham
    and V Hutton, J Armytage and M Radeski, F
    McCalman and A Danckert.
    NTP: 2nd V Whittakers, K Leetham; 5th C
    Thomson, K Leetham; 9th B Kell, J Wall;
    11th P Joice,MRadeski; 13th P Joice, J Wall.
    Men B Barlow and M Ritchie 47, r/u G
    Willis and M Thomas 44; ladies C Fuller and
    S Cohen 44, c/b S Lugsdin and V Lange 44.
    Ball comp: Men B Barlow and M Ritchie;
    R Landy and J Grant; G Willis and M
    Thomas; T Lugsdin and B Zealley; W
    Jamieson and W Harris; J Dedman and C
    Thompson. Ladies S Lugsdin and V Lange;
    S Cohen and C Fuller; C Hardman and F
    Harrington; J Armytage and M Radeski; D
    Hunter and J Lord.
    NTP: 2nd N Werner, K Leetham; 5th Chris
    Thomson, C Fuller; 9th Chris Thomson, L
    O’Brien; 11th J Scott, C Letherby; 13th M
    Wednesday, June 13, men’s stableford:
    A grade W Hodgson 42, r/u P Joice 41; B
    grade R Armytage 43, r/u T Tonta 40.
    Ball comp: W Hodgson, P Joice, N
    Werner, T Tonta, C Thomson, D Evans, P
    Hodgkinson, J Peacock, F Conallin, D
    Grant, B Barlow, D Wells, C Liefting, P
    Beckton, G Collins, R Armytage, c/o 34.
    NTP: 9th B Barlow.
    Thursday, June 7, ladies scratch:
    A grade M Radeski 91-19-72, c/b P Lloyd
    82-10-72. B grade Y Holmes 102-26-76, r/u F
    Harrington 105-28-77.
    Ball comp: W Pearce, J Choice, K
    Leetham, L O’Brien, J Armytage, P Grant,
    c/o 77.
    NTP: 9th J Lord, 11th M Rothwell. Putting
    S Aitken 27.

  • Big field for Classic

    A big field will gather this weekend for
    the annual Winter Classic.
    The fourball best ball stableford will be
    played over Saturday and Sunday, with 18
    hole events each day and a combined 36
    hole event. The club thanks our sponsors,
    Riverina Watermatic, Cleaner Carpets and
    Deniliquin Tile Centre.
    Like all the classics it is certain to be a
    great weekend. Good luck to all players, and
    don’t forget there will be a barbecue lunch
    available on both days.

    Deniliquin Golf Club Winter
    Classic tee-off times.
    Saturday, 1st tee:
    8:04am Tumut x 2, R Landy, J
    Grant; 8:12 Tumut x 2, J Marshall, J
    Scott; 8:20 Tumut x 2, P Joice, C
    Thomson; 8:28 Tumut x 2, A Jenkin,
    R Yates; 11:48 F McCalman, A
    Danckert, J Wall, C Letherby; 11:56
    G Beckton, S Harris, C Hardman, F
    Harrington; 12:04pm W Jamieson,
    W Harris, R Lawrence, P Beckton;
    12:12 N Boswell, D Ramsey, J
    Radeski, P O’Brien; 12:20 J Irwin, D
    Alexander, G Rothwell, P Hayes;
    12:36 B Barlow, M Ritchie, A Lord, R
    Campbell; 12:44 K Leetham, V
    Hutton, H Foster, A Phyland; 1pm S
    Lugsdin, V Lange, T Catt, S Cohen.
    Saturday, 10th tee:
    8:04am Tumut x 2; 8:12 Tumut x
    2; 8:20 Tumut x 2; 8:28 Tumut x 2;
    11:16 J Armytage, M Radeski, R
    Barnes, K Jennings; 11:24 B Campbell,
    M Rothwell, D Hunter, J Lord;
    11:32 P Lloyd, L O’Brien, G Campbell,
    E Bolton; 12:04pm G Willis, M
    Thomas, P Seely, B Veltmeyer;
    12:12 B Purtill, P Larcombe, W
    Pearce, J Jefferies; 12:28 M Aitken,
    K Reeves, N Werner, J Dario; 12:36
    L Campbell, N Purtill, J Dedman, C
    Thompson; 12:44 P Grant, M
    Menadue, P Taylor, S Butcher;
    12:52 P Whittakers, J Whittakers, G
    Willoughby, R Phillips; 1pm D Grant,
    S Phillips, B Cohen, I Fuller.
    Sunday, 1st tee:
    8:04am Tumut x 2, R Yates, A
    Jenkin; 8:12 Tumut x 2, J Marshall, J
    Scott; 11am R Barnes, K Jennings,
    D Hunter, J Lord; 11:08 Tumut x 2, J
    Dedman, C Thompson; 11:16 Tumut
    x 2, G Willis, M Thomas; 11:24
    Tumut x 2, N Werner, J Dario; 11:32
    J Armytage, M Radeski, B Campbell,
    M Rothwell; 11:40 C Hardman,
    F Harrington, P Lloyd, L O’Brien;
    11:48 G Campbell, E Bolton, J Wall,
    C Letherby; 11:56 G Willoughby, R
    Phillips; 12:12pm B Purtill, P
    Larcombe, P Grant, M Menadue;
    12:36 L Campbell, N Purtill, M
    Aitken, K Reeves; 12:44 P Taylor, S
    Butcher, A Ferguson, A Crossley.
    Sunday, 10th tee:
    8:36am P Joice, C Thomson, A
    Lord, R Campbell; 8:44 P Davis, Y
    Holmes, S Lugsdin, V Lange; 11:08
    Tumut x 2, R Landy, J Grant; 11:16
    Tumut x 2, P Seely, B Veltmeyer;
    11:24 Tumut x 2, J Radeski, P
    O’Brien; 11:32 J Irwin D Alexander N
    Boswell D Ramsey; 11:56 G
    Beckton, S Harris, F McCalman, A
    Danckert; 12:20pm G Rothwell, P
    Hayes, K Wemyss, J Bennett; 12:28
    K Leetham, V Hutton, H Foster, A
    Phyland; 12:36 K Druitt, S Aitken, C
    Fuller, S Cohen; 12:44 B Barlow, M
    Ritchie, W Jamieson, W Harris.

    On Saturday we had the Central IGA
    Monthly Medal, won by Neville Werner who
    continues to lower his handicap back towards
    where it used to be, since returning
    after a break from golf. He also won B grade,
    with net 68.
    A grade winner was Neil Boswell with net
    70, on countback from John Radeski, and C
    grade went to Robert Armytage with net 72
    on countback from Laurie Hughes. B grade
    runner-up was Marg Rothwell with net 69,
    the second best score of the day.
    The men’s foursomes was played on
    Sunday and winners were Graeme
    Willoughby and John Radeski with 79-5-74.
    Note, the mixed foursomes will be played on
    Sunday, June 24.
    On Wednesday the A grade stableford
    winner was Ian Fuller with 40 points, from
    Graeme Rothwell on 38. In B grade Graham
    Huntington had 41, a shot clear of runner-up
    James Rhook with 40.
    Leading into the long weekend why not
    head down to the club tonight for the meat
    raffles and Joker’s Wild, which is climbing
    rapidly and now up to $4600. And be on the
    look-out for a Friday night treat in the near
    Last week’s results:
    Saturday, June 2, monthly medal:
    A grade N Boswell 70, c/b J Radeski; B
    grade N Werner 68, r/u M Rothwell 69, C
    grade R Armytage 72, c/b L Hughes. Medal
    winner N Werner.
    Ball comp: N Werner, N Boswell, J
    Radeski,MRothwell, A Crossley, L Hughes,
    A Jenkin, G Corboy, P Joice, R Moye, M
    Thomas, J Pearce, J Irwin, M Lyne, M
    Aitken, P Seely, B Dudley, G Davies, c/o 75.
    NTP: 2nd V Kelly; 5thMThomas; R Moye;
    9th T Grant; 11th C Hardman, D Alexander;
    13th C Thomson. Golden hole M Thomas.
    Wednesday June 6, single stableford:
    A grade I Fuller 40, r/u G Rothwell 38; B
    grade G Huntington 41, r/u J Rhook 40.
    Ball comp: G Huntington, J Rhook, G
    Rothwell, W Hodgson, R Turner, G
    Willoughby, P Joice, F Conallin, R Parks, R
    Landy, P Robinson, B Dudley, J Irwin, C
    Thomson, D Alexander, B Dixon, B Jennings,
    C Liefting, R Moye, B Bourke, N
    Boswell, I Fuller, D Grant, c/o 33.
    NTP: N Purtill, B Dixon. Golden hole P

  • Classic entries open

    Entries are being taken for the Winter
    Classic, to be held on the June long
    The three annual classics – autumn, winter
    and spring – are among the most popular
    events on the annual calendar and always
    attract big fields.
    It’s a fourball best ball stableford format
    over 36 holes, played Saturday and Sunday.
    Get yourself a partner and fill out an entry
    form for what will be a top weekend.
    Saturday was a stableford event won in A
    grade by Andrew ‘Taffy’ Brunker who
    scored 39 points, one clear of Lachie
    Campbell. B grade winner was Carol
    Hardman on 40 from Neville Werner 39, and
    C grade Ken Pearce 39 from John Irwin 37.
    Last Friday was the annual Corporate
    Day, which was again an outstanding
    success with 17 teams competing. This day
    raises valuable funds for the club, so thanks
    to all sponsors and everyone else who
    supported the event.
    Winners were Rob Landale, Justin
    Whittakers, Bruce Cohen and Di Batten,
    from Jamie Tasker, Sean Drennan, Geoff
    Corboy and Ben Milliken.
    On Wednesday the A grade stableford
    event was won by John Radeski with 41
    points, from Phil Hodgkinson on 39. In B
    grade it was a rare victory for the Blues over
    the Tigers, with Geoff ‘Zorro’ Bessell scoring
    39 points, defeating runner-up Bob
    ‘Tiger’ Landy on 37.
    Last Thursday the ladies played a versus
    par event, won in A grade by Lyn O’Brien
    with +2, from Pauline Davis who finished
    square. B grade winner was Gayle Beckton
    +5 from Yvonne Holmes +3.
    Tomorrow is a fourball best ball stableford
    and the qualifying round for the
    Eastman knockout, with the top 16 teams to
    Sunday is Deni Rams charity day.
    Although the evenings are getting colder,
    that’s no excuse to stay away from the fun at
    the club each Friday night. Joker’s Wild has
    reached $4,200 and there is also a chance to
    win the Members’ Draw. Why not get a crew
    together and head down to the club tonight.
    Last week’s results:
    Friday May 18, Corporate Golf Day:
    R Landale, J Whittakers, B Cohen, D
    Batten 63-91⁄8-547⁄8; r/u J Tasker, S Drennan,
    G Corboy, B Milliken 65-101⁄2- 541⁄2; 3rd M
    Aitken, S Aitken, M Abbo, B Bourke
    64-85⁄8-553⁄8. NTP: 2nd M McLeod, 11th G
    Willoughby, 13th K Reeves. Straightest
    drive S Mills.
    Saturday May 19, single stableford:
    A grade A Brunker 39, r/u L Campbell 38;
    B grade C Hardman 40, r/u N Werner 39; C
    grade K Pearce 39, r/u J Irwin 37.
    Ball comp: C Hardman, K Pearce, A
    Brunker, L Campbell, K Keane, M Aitken, J
    Irwin, K Leetham, N Boswell, J Poka jnr, J
    Radeski, N Werner, V Kelly, D Ramsey, G
    Corboy, M Rothwell, G Willoughby, K
    Maher, D Alexander, R Turner c/b 34. NTP:
    2nd B Bourke; 5th P Joice, T Kew; 9th A
    Brunker, M Phyland; 11th V Hutton, C
    Hardman; 13th N Nicholas, K Reeves.
    Wednesday May 24, single stableford:
    A grade J Radeski 41, r/u P Hodgkinson
    38; B grade G Bessell 39, r/u R Landy 37.
    Ball comp: J Radeski, G Bessell, P
    Hodgkinson, N Werner, P Joice, B Landy, R
    Gray, M Lyne, P McMillan, R Turner, S
    King, R Lawrence, F Conallin, D Alexander,
    A Hall, D Ramsey, K Pearce, D Grant, B
    Jennings, S Phillips c/o 34. NTP: B Barlow,D
    Thursday May 17, ladies singles versus
    A grade L O’Brien +2, r/u P Davis square;
    B grade G Beckton +5, r/u Y Holmes +3.
    Ball comp: A Ferguson, S Simpson, M
    Radeski, J Armytage, M Menadue, C Maher
    /co -2. NTP: 11th P Lloyd, 9th M Menadue.
    Tuesday May 22, ladies nine hole stableford:
    R Lawrence 22, r/u A Everitt 21.
    Ball comp: B Daniels, P Jarratt, P Davis, B
    Leetham, V Barnes, M Sharp, M Farrell.
    NTP: P Davis, P Jarratt.

  • Wettenhall claims medal on countback

    Adam Wettenhall had a net 68 to win the
    Brian Jennings Accounting monthly medal
    on Saturday.
    He took the event on countback, with
    Brendan Hopcott and Wayne Olcorn also
    having net 68. Hopcott won A grade and
    Olcorn was runner-up in B grade behind
    The A grade runner-up was Peter Seely
    with net 69, while C grade went to Steve
    Phillips with net 71, from runner-up Peter
    The veterans’ event on Monday was taken
    out by John Metcalfe with 41 points, three
    clear of Des Ramsey on 38.
    Forty points was needed to win Wednesday’s
    stableford in A and B grades, and 39
    was the runner-up score in each grade. A
    grade went to Brian Jennings from Peter
    Joice, and B grade to Bob Landy from Ken
    Last Thursday the ladies played a stroke
    event, won by Denise Hunter with net 70,
    from Pauline Davis net 72.
    There are some big events coming up in
    the next few weeks.
    The annual Corporate Day is on Friday
    May 18. If you enter a team or want to join
    a team contact Adam Wettenhall or inquire
    at the pro shop.
    The popular Winter Classic will be played
    on the long weekend, June 9 and 10. This is
    a fourball best ball stableford for men and
    women. Entry forms are available at the
    club or on the website.
    Congratulations to John Penna who is
    $900 richer after taking out the first members’
    draw. John is a willing volunteer at the
    club so it was a well deserved win.
    The Joker’s Wild jackpot continues to
    increase, so get down to the club tonight for
    your chance to take home the prize, which is
    rapidly getting towards $4,000.
    Last week’s results:
    Saturday, May 5, monthly medal:
    A grade A Hopcott 68, r/u P Seely 69; B
    grade A Wettenhall 68, c/b W Olcorn 68; C
    grade S Phillips 71, r/u P O’Brien.
    Ball comp: B Hopcott, A Wettenhall, W
    Olcorn, P Seely, P Savy, D Webster, M
    Rothwell, G Davies, R Turner, B Jennings, J
    Sommerfeld, D Ring, M McIntosh, K Scarff,
    P Oddy, J Harris, L Chappell, A Crossley, A
    Jenkin, D Hunter, G Annand, W Bull, N
    Nicholas, P O’Brien, c/o 76.
    NTP: 2nd B Evans, K Reeves; 5th C
    Steddy, K Dunmore; 9th P Seely, G Annand;
    11th C Steady, A Wettenhall; 13th T Tully, K
    Monday May 7, mixed vets:
    J Metcalfe 41, r/u D Ramsey 38. 9 holes B
    Ball comp: L Hughes, A Lord, N Purtill, G
    Huntington, D Alexander.
    Wednesday May 9, single stableford:
    A grade S King 40 c/b, r/u P Hodgkinson;
    B grade N Werner 43, r/u P Beckton 41.
    Ball comp: N Werner, P Beckton, S King,
    P Hodgkinson, A Tonta, R Landy, P Joice, R
    Parks, D Connolly, A Hall, P Robinson, R
    Turner, J Metcalfe, N Purtill, C Thomson, L
    Pattinson, G Beck, D Ring, G Huntington, S
    NTP: 9th A grade D Ring, B grade P
    Thursday May 3, ladies stroke:
    Winner D Hunter 70, r/u P Davis 72.
    Ball comp: B Campbell, G Campbell, M
    Rothwell, A Gorsuch, P Aitken, F
    NTP: 5th L Kemp; 9th D Hunter. Putting D
    Hunter 28.
    Thursday May 8, nine hole comp:
    Winner S Butcher 52-20-32, r/u 53-19-34.
    Ball comp: D Wharton, P Aitken, J
    Hobson, C Hardman, M Smith, P Larcombe.
    NTP: V Barnes; Putting: P Aitken.

  • Poka jnr claims club title

    Jim Poka jnr had a final round 76, which was enough to give him a comfortable six shot win in the Big River Real Estate Club Championships, after Saturday’s final round. Poka had a three round total of 221 to defeat runner-up, former champion Vince Kelly on 227, with a further five shot margin to Matt Thomas and Brian Bourke on 232. This was Poka’s fourth club championship.
    In B grade Tom Wettenhall fired an excellent final round of 81 to come from third place and take the championship from round two leader Neil Boswell, followed by Noel Nicholas, with Terry Howe rounding out the top four.
    C grade winner was Jake Dedman, adding to the D grade title he won last year. This was the closest finish of the day, with Dedman and Magnus Aitken tied on 272 on the final tee. Aitken took the runners-up prize from Graeme Rothwell and Alan Jenkin.
    D grade was a battle of the veterans, won by Ron ‘Moot’ Turner with a five round total of 291, five clear of Adam Wettenhall. Third place went to Brian Dudley, followed by a tie between Peter O’Brien and captain John Irwin.
    The club congratulates all the 2018 champions and extends special thanks to Big River Real Estate for its sponsorship.
    Last Thursday the ladies championships were finalised.
    A grade winner was Prue Lloyd with a three-round total of 254; in B grade Jen Joice was champion with a total of 290, and in C grade Kym Sandford took the title with a total of 295.
    On Saturday, in conjunction with the championships was a stroke event. A grade winner with net 68 was Tom Wettenhall from Troy Grant net 70, B grade went to Denise Hunter on net 71 ahead of Jim Poka snr 73, and C grade to John Irwin with net 72 by a shot from Peter O’Brien.
    On Wednesday Magnus Aitken, perhaps trying to make amends for his championship defeat, fired an amazing 50 stableford points for a huge 11 shot win over Tom Bult on 39.
    Captain John Irwin also doubled up after his win on Saturday with 43 points, two clear of Andrew Hall with 41.
    The Summer Sixers presentation was held on Sunday. This season there were 20 teams in two divisions, with a total of 120 players.
    Division One winners were Bee Gees (Dot Wharton, Ruth King, Meredith Sharp, Rae Lawrence, Jan Hobson and Barbara Daniels), defeating Motley Crew (Mick Sutton, Tim Nolan, Lindsay Holden, Simon Tilders, Todd Newman and Corey Liefting). Third place went to Wackers (Roger Smith, Terry Murphy, Terry Jones, Trevor David, Alan Higgins and Clive Gow). Division Two winners were Wows (Prue Lloyd, Prue Grant, Kym Sandford, Ali Ferguson, Sarah Aitken and Shandra Simpson) defeating Black Crows (Rob Wren, Katie Wren, Nick Robinson, Leah Robinson). Third were Super Sweets (Jan Hussey, Pam Larcombe, Denise Hunter, Marg Smith, Karen Druitt, Marg Radeski).
    This winter nine hole competition starts this week. No teams or registration is required and there will be a weekly voucher and ball comp. Details in the pro shop.
    Tomorrow is the much sought after Borella Cup. Also, start getting your partner organised for the Winter Classic, which is coming up on June 9 and 10.
    Last week’s results:
    Saturday April 21, stroke:
    A grade T Wettenhall 68, r/u T Grant 70; B
    grade D Hunter 71, r/u J Poka snr 73; C
    grade J Irwin 72, r/u P O’Brien 73. Ball comp:
    T Grant, J Irwin, J Poka snr, R Turner, P
    Lloyd, L O’Brien, M Rothwell, D McQuie, G
    Davies, AWettenhall,DHunter,NNicholas,
    T Wettenhall, P O’Brien, J Whittakers, V
    Kelly, J Poka jnr, c/o 75. NTP: 2nd T Grant,
    P O’Brien; 5th B Barlow, M Rothwell; 9th B
    Barlow, J Jeffries; 11th B Bourke, J Hetherington;
    13th P Joice, B Dudley. Golden Hole
    – B Barlow.
    Wednesday April 25, stableford:
    A grade M Aitken 50, r/u T Bult 39; B
    grade J Irwin 43, r/u A Hall 41. Ball comp: M
    Aitken, J Irwin, A Hall, T Bult, D Connolly,
    G Rothwell, G Crocker, P McMillan, D
    Whelan, P Joice, N Purtill, G Corboy, D
    Wade, P Oddy, P Robinson, P Johnson, L
    Campbell, S Phillips, c/o 36. NTP: 9th B
    Barlow, P McMillan. Golden Hole – B
    Thursday April 19, ladies stroke:
    A grade S Lugsdin 71, r/uM Radeski 72; B
    grade K Sanford 66, r/u G Beckton 70. Ball
    comp: P Lloyd, S Simpson, Y Holmes, A
    Gorsuch, P Davis, T Catt, P Larcombe, P
    Aitken, P Grant, A Danckert. NTP: 9th F
    McCalman. Putting: M Rothwell 26.
    Tuesday April 24, ladies 4BBB stableford:
    A Bull and J Crockart 24 c/b; r/u S Aitken
    and R King 24. Ball comp: P Aitken, Y
    Holmes, J Hobson, B Purtill, M Farrell, F
    Harrington, A Gorsuch, J Jeffrey, L Kemp,
    M Sharp. Longest drive: J Choice.

    Men’s Club Championship winners (from left) Jake Dedman (C grade), Tom
    Wettenhall (B grade) and Club Champion Jim Poka jnr. Absent: Ron Turner (D grade).


    Ladies Club Championship winners
    (from left) Jen Choice (B grade), Prue
    Lloyd (A grade) and Kym Sandford (C

  • Poka powers to six shot buffer

    Jim Poka Jnr takes a commanding six shot lead into the final round of the Deniliquin Golf Club Big River Championships, which will be finalised tomorrow. He fired a sensational three under par 69 in round two last Saturday to surge ahead of
    round one leader Brian ‘Billy’ Bourke who is a shot clear of third placegetter Matt Thomas.
    In B grade Neil Boswell has a two shot lead from Terry Howe, with a further three shots to Tom Wettenhall.
    C grade is led by the reigning D grade champion Jake Dedman, two shots ahead of Magnus Aitken and with a six shot buffer to Graeme Rothwell.
    In D grade the experienced Ron ‘Moot’ Turner is four shots ahead of Adam Wettenhall, closely followed by Sam Willoughby.
    Other important events were also finalised on Saturday, as follows:
    Everitt trophy – Jimmy Poka jnr; Veterans – Graeme Willoughby; Juniors – Sam Willoughby; RAL putting – Matt Thomas.
    After tomorrow’s final round a barbecue dinner will be held at the club for $5 per plate. Everyone welcome.
    The club would like to thank the team at Big River Real Estate for their sponsorship of the championships, which are our major event of the year. Although the going was tough for players in extreme climatic conditions last Saturday, tomorrow should be played in ideal autumn weather and be conducive to some excellent golf.
    Not surprisingly, Jim Poka jnr won the A grade stroke event on Saturday with net 66, ahead of Graeme ‘Wrecker’ Willoughby with net 71.
    The leading two C grade championship contenders were to the fore in B grade, with Jake Dedman recording net 73 to defeat Magnus Aitken on net 75.
    In C grade Felicity McCalman had net 75 to defeat Sam Willoughby on countback.
    On Sunday the WRDGA mixed qualifying round was held in fourball best ball versus par format. Dean Irwin and Shandra Simpson had plus 8, to defeat Peter and Lyn O’Brien with plus 7. The four pairs of mixed knockout qualifiers, plus the Nisbet Mixed Knockout qualifiers, are in the results below.
    On Tuesday the ladies played the second round of their championships. A grade winner was Jen Choice with net 72, from Marg Radeski net 75, and in B grade Pam Larcombe defeated Kym Sandford on countback with net 74.
    Last Thursday Sarah Lugsdin, with the help of an ‘ace’ on the second, won A grade with net 70, two shots clear of Prue Lloyd. In B grade Kym Sandford was the winner with net 68, from Rita Barnes net 73.
    Wednesday’s A grade stableford winner was Norm Purtill with 41 points, two clear of Wayne Hodgson on 39. In B grade James Rhook had 42, ahead of Kevin Reeves on 41.
    The Joker’s Wild is already above $3,000 and the members draw will hit $900 tomorrow if not claimed tonight. Tickets for the meat raffle and Joker’s Wild are available this evening from 6pm, with draws starting at 7.30. Meals are available with bookings preferred.
    Golfers are also advised to note that next Wednesday, being Anzac Day, will be slightly different to the usual members’ event. As usual it will be stableford, but it will be a medley with men and women invited to play.
    Last week’s results:
    Saturday April 14, single stroke, second
    round of Big River Club Championships:
    A grade J Poka jnr 66, r/u G Willoughby
    71; B grade J Dedman 73, r/u M Aitken 75; C
    grade F McCalman 75, c/b S Willoughby.
    Ball comp: J Poka jnr, G Willoughby, K
    Leetham, T Howe, J Dedman, N Werner, T
    Wettenhall, L Campbell, F McCalman, B
    Bourke, R Turner, S Willoughby, J Penna, J
    Whittakers, MAitken, L Chappell, R Landy,
    P Joice, c/o 76.
    NTP: 2nd J Poka jnr, J Jeffery; 5th C
    Thomson, R Landy; 9th P Joice, P O’Brien;
    11th P Seely, C Hardman; 13th B Bourke, J
    Dedman. Golden hole Chris Thomson.
    Sunday April 15, WRDGA mixed fourball
    Winners D Irwin and S Simpson +8, r/u P
    and L O’Brien +7 c/b.
    Ball comp: D Irwin and S Simpson, P and
    L O’Brien, B Bourke and M Phyland.
    Next WRDGA qualifying round at Berrigan
    on July 29: D Irwin and S Simpson, P
    and L O’Brien, B Bourke and M Phyland, N
    and B Purtill.
    Nisbet Mixed Knockout Qualifiers: D
    Irwin and S Simpson, P and L O’Brien, B
    Bourke and M Phyland, N and B Purtill, T
    and C Maw, T Howe and P Lloyd, A
    Wettenhall and A Danckert, R Pogonoski
    and J Choice.
    Tuesday April 17, ladies stroke:
    A grade J Choice 72, r/u M Radeski 75; B
    grade P Larcombe 74, c/b K Sandford.
    Ball comp: P Davis, P Lloyd, S Simpson, G
    Beckton, T Catt, F Harrington, A Bull, S
    Aitken, c/b 79.
    NTP: 5th P Larcombe, 9th S Aitken, 11th
    P Davis. Putting S Simpson 30 c/b.
    Wednesday April 19, single stableford:
    A grade N Purtill 41, r/uWHodgson 39; B
    grade J Rhook 42, r/u K Reeves 40.
    Ball comp: J Rhook, K Reeves, W
    Hodgson, G Baker, T Bult, G Willoughby, D
    Wells, P Seely, R Turner, D Wade, P
    McMillan, R Gray, G Huntington, B Barlow,
    J Metcalfe, N Purtill, P Hodgkinson, G
    Bessell, R Landy, J Penna, S King, B Cohen,
    A Wettenhall, c/o 33.
    NTP: T Grant, R Landy. Golden hole P
    Thursday April 12, ladies stroke:
    A grade S Lugsdin 70, r/u P Lloyd 72; B
    grade K Sandford 76, r/u R Barnes 73.
    Ball comp: T Catt, S Simpson, L O’Brien,
    D Hunter, G Beckton, S Butcher, S Cohen,M
    Radeski, c/o 76.
    NTP: 11th S Lugsdin. Putting S Lugsdin

  • Golf

    Tom lands hole-in-one

    A hole-in-one from Tom Wettenhall was a
    highlight in round one of the men’s Club
    Championships on Saturday.
    Wettenhall picked up the Golden Hole
    prizemoney with his efforts but it wasn’t
    enough to pick up the Monthly Medal. That
    honour went to Brian ‘Billy’ Bourke, with a
    score of 70 net, also taking out A grade from
    Peter Seely on countback.
    Rob Wettenhall won on countback from
    Peter Oddy to claim B grade, both scoring
    72, while Jake Dedman scored 70 to win C
    grade in front of Graeme Rothwell on 72.
    Kym Sandford top scored for the day with
    69 to win D grade ahead of Steve Phillips on
    After Saturday’s play, Matt Thomas and
    Brian Bourke lead A grade in the Club
    Championships each with 73 off the stick,
    with Vince Kelly (75) and Jimmy Poka jnr
    (76) close behind.
    Peter Oddy with 83 leads B grade, with
    Noel Nicholas second on 84 and Rob
    Wettenhall and Neil Boswell equal third on
    Graeme Rothwell sits in first place for C
    grade with 88 and Jake Dedman is second
    on 89.
    Ron Turner and Adam Wettenhall are
    equal first in D grade with 98 and Brian
    Dudley on 99 is close behind.
    Bourke continued his winning ways at the
    Rotary Golf Day on Sunday, teaming with
    Mandy Phyland, Kerran Leetham and Felicity
    McCalman to score 521⁄2 in the four
    person ambrose win.
    The team of Jimmy Poka jnr, Jimmy Poka
    snr, Wayne Hodgson and Pat Aitken were
    runners-up on 531⁄4, while Garry Baker, Rob
    Gray, John Penna and Graeme ‘Wrecker’
    Willoughby finished third on 537⁄8.
    Brian Jennings carded 40 stableford
    points to win A grade ahead of Peter Joice
    on 39 to win Wednesday’s event.
    Bob Landy also scored 40 to claim B grade
    with Ken Maher runner-up on 39.
    On the course this weekend will be the
    second round of the Club Championships
    held tomorrow.
    Last week’s results:
    Saturday April 7, stroke Monthly Medal:
    Agrade B Bourke 70 c/b, r/u P Seely 70 c/b;
    B grade R Wettenhall 72 c/b, r/u P Oddy 72
    c/b; C grade J Dedman 70, r/u G Rothwell 72;
    D grade K Sanford 69, r/u S Phillips 75 c/b.
    Ball comp: B Bourke, P Seely, J Dedman,
    G Corboy, G Rothwell, P Oddy, J Poka jnr,
    G Willoughby, J Radeski, N Purtill, N
    Nicholas, N Boswell, C Steddy, P Joice, M
    Aitken, D McQuie, S Willougby, R Turner, L
    Chard, T Wettenhall, B Dudley, K Sandford,
    A Wettenhall, S Phillips, L Chappell, M
    Thomas, R Wettenhall, R Campbell, V Kelly,
    P Thompson c/o 76.
    NTP: 2nd P Joice; 5th T Wettenhall, N
    Werner; 9th C Steddy, J Dedman; 11th G
    Willoughby, M Rothwell; 13th P Joice, N
    Werner. Golden Hole – T Wettenhall.
    Sunday April 8, four person ambrose:
    1st B Bourke, M Phyland, K Leetham, F
    McCalman 521⁄2; 2nd J Poka jnr, J Poka snr,
    W Hodgson, P Aitken 531⁄4; 3rd G Baker, R
    Gray, J Penna, G Willoughby 537⁄8.
    NTP: 2nd M Radeski; 5th D Saunders; 9th
    G Willoughby; 11th J Radeski; 13th B
    Longest drive: F McCalman, P Astill.
    Wednesday April 11, men’s stableford:
    A grade B Jennings 40, r/u P Joice 39; B
    grade B Landy 40, r/u K Maher 39.
    Ball comp: B Landy, K Maher, P Joice, A
    Lord, P Seely, J Radeski, N Purtill, B
    Dudley, D Wells, N Nicholas, C Thomson, R
    Moye, J Irwin, D Connolly, S King, G
    Bracken, B Jennings c/o 35.
    NTP: 9th F Conallin. Golden Hole – R
    Thursday April 5, ladies stroke Monthly
    Medal winner – J Choice 72 net.
    A grade J Choice 72, r/u G Campbell 73; B
    grade S Aitken 75, r/u N Turner 78.
    Ball comp: P Davis, V Brunker, S Simpson,
    P Lloyd, K Leetham, G Beckton c/o 78.
    NTP: 5th L Liebenberg, 9th A Ferguson,
    11th P Lloyd.
    Putting – P Jarratt 29.
    Tuesday April 10, ladies nine hole stableford:
    D Hunter 19 c/b, r/u J Choice 19.
    Ball comp: G Campbell, P Larcombe, Y
    Holmes, M Menadue, L O’Brien, D Seignior.
    NTP: D Hunter.


    Monday 3rd September 2018

    Sponsored by Riverina Funerals and Druitt Earthworks
    ENTRY FEE $30 includes lunch
    TEE TIMES 9.00 am for 9.30 am shotgun start
     A, B and C Grade Winners & runners up
     NTP All Grades
     Longest Drives All Grades
     Dinner Monday Night 6.30 pm $35

    Tuesday 4th September 2018

    Sponsored by Brian McCleary & Co Accountants
    Team of 4 players entered on the day. All 4 players must be from same club.
    Players can only be in one team. 3 best scores count
    ENTRY FEE $30 includes lunch
    TEE TIMES 8.30 am for 9.00 am shotgun start
     Scratch and Handicap 36 Hole Overall Winners
     A, B and C Grade Winners & runners up
     Long Drive All Grades
     NTP All Grades

    Click here to download an entry form


    Entries close Tuesday 21 August 2018 @ 6.OO PM (or when fields are full)
    Completed entries & forms with fees to be posted to
    Margaret Radeski
    Lady Captain, Deniliquin Golf Club
    PO Box 178
    Enquiries 0407647758

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