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  • Golf

    Tom lands hole-in-one

    A hole-in-one from Tom Wettenhall was a
    highlight in round one of the men’s Club
    Championships on Saturday.
    Wettenhall picked up the Golden Hole
    prizemoney with his efforts but it wasn’t
    enough to pick up the Monthly Medal. That
    honour went to Brian ‘Billy’ Bourke, with a
    score of 70 net, also taking out A grade from
    Peter Seely on countback.
    Rob Wettenhall won on countback from
    Peter Oddy to claim B grade, both scoring
    72, while Jake Dedman scored 70 to win C
    grade in front of Graeme Rothwell on 72.
    Kym Sandford top scored for the day with
    69 to win D grade ahead of Steve Phillips on
    After Saturday’s play, Matt Thomas and
    Brian Bourke lead A grade in the Club
    Championships each with 73 off the stick,
    with Vince Kelly (75) and Jimmy Poka jnr
    (76) close behind.
    Peter Oddy with 83 leads B grade, with
    Noel Nicholas second on 84 and Rob
    Wettenhall and Neil Boswell equal third on
    Graeme Rothwell sits in first place for C
    grade with 88 and Jake Dedman is second
    on 89.
    Ron Turner and Adam Wettenhall are
    equal first in D grade with 98 and Brian
    Dudley on 99 is close behind.
    Bourke continued his winning ways at the
    Rotary Golf Day on Sunday, teaming with
    Mandy Phyland, Kerran Leetham and Felicity
    McCalman to score 521⁄2 in the four
    person ambrose win.
    The team of Jimmy Poka jnr, Jimmy Poka
    snr, Wayne Hodgson and Pat Aitken were
    runners-up on 531⁄4, while Garry Baker, Rob
    Gray, John Penna and Graeme ‘Wrecker’
    Willoughby finished third on 537⁄8.
    Brian Jennings carded 40 stableford
    points to win A grade ahead of Peter Joice
    on 39 to win Wednesday’s event.
    Bob Landy also scored 40 to claim B grade
    with Ken Maher runner-up on 39.
    On the course this weekend will be the
    second round of the Club Championships
    held tomorrow.
    Last week’s results:
    Saturday April 7, stroke Monthly Medal:
    Agrade B Bourke 70 c/b, r/u P Seely 70 c/b;
    B grade R Wettenhall 72 c/b, r/u P Oddy 72
    c/b; C grade J Dedman 70, r/u G Rothwell 72;
    D grade K Sanford 69, r/u S Phillips 75 c/b.
    Ball comp: B Bourke, P Seely, J Dedman,
    G Corboy, G Rothwell, P Oddy, J Poka jnr,
    G Willoughby, J Radeski, N Purtill, N
    Nicholas, N Boswell, C Steddy, P Joice, M
    Aitken, D McQuie, S Willougby, R Turner, L
    Chard, T Wettenhall, B Dudley, K Sandford,
    A Wettenhall, S Phillips, L Chappell, M
    Thomas, R Wettenhall, R Campbell, V Kelly,
    P Thompson c/o 76.
    NTP: 2nd P Joice; 5th T Wettenhall, N
    Werner; 9th C Steddy, J Dedman; 11th G
    Willoughby, M Rothwell; 13th P Joice, N
    Werner. Golden Hole – T Wettenhall.
    Sunday April 8, four person ambrose:
    1st B Bourke, M Phyland, K Leetham, F
    McCalman 521⁄2; 2nd J Poka jnr, J Poka snr,
    W Hodgson, P Aitken 531⁄4; 3rd G Baker, R
    Gray, J Penna, G Willoughby 537⁄8.
    NTP: 2nd M Radeski; 5th D Saunders; 9th
    G Willoughby; 11th J Radeski; 13th B
    Longest drive: F McCalman, P Astill.
    Wednesday April 11, men’s stableford:
    A grade B Jennings 40, r/u P Joice 39; B
    grade B Landy 40, r/u K Maher 39.
    Ball comp: B Landy, K Maher, P Joice, A
    Lord, P Seely, J Radeski, N Purtill, B
    Dudley, D Wells, N Nicholas, C Thomson, R
    Moye, J Irwin, D Connolly, S King, G
    Bracken, B Jennings c/o 35.
    NTP: 9th F Conallin. Golden Hole – R
    Thursday April 5, ladies stroke Monthly
    Medal winner – J Choice 72 net.
    A grade J Choice 72, r/u G Campbell 73; B
    grade S Aitken 75, r/u N Turner 78.
    Ball comp: P Davis, V Brunker, S Simpson,
    P Lloyd, K Leetham, G Beckton c/o 78.
    NTP: 5th L Liebenberg, 9th A Ferguson,
    11th P Lloyd.
    Putting – P Jarratt 29.
    Tuesday April 10, ladies nine hole stableford:
    D Hunter 19 c/b, r/u J Choice 19.
    Ball comp: G Campbell, P Larcombe, Y
    Holmes, M Menadue, L O’Brien, D Seignior.
    NTP: D Hunter.


    Monday 3rd September 2018

    Sponsored by Riverina Funerals and Druitt Earthworks
    ENTRY FEE $30 includes lunch
    TEE TIMES 9.00 am for 9.30 am shotgun start
     A, B and C Grade Winners & runners up
     NTP All Grades
     Longest Drives All Grades
     Dinner Monday Night 6.30 pm $35

    Tuesday 4th September 2018

    Sponsored by Brian McCleary & Co Accountants
    Team of 4 players entered on the day. All 4 players must be from same club.
    Players can only be in one team. 3 best scores count
    ENTRY FEE $30 includes lunch
    TEE TIMES 8.30 am for 9.00 am shotgun start
     Scratch and Handicap 36 Hole Overall Winners
     A, B and C Grade Winners & runners up
     Long Drive All Grades
     NTP All Grades

    Click here to download an entry form


    Entries close Tuesday 21 August 2018 @ 6.OO PM (or when fields are full)
    Completed entries & forms with fees to be posted to
    Margaret Radeski
    Lady Captain, Deniliquin Golf Club
    PO Box 178
    Enquiries 0407647758

  • Big field for Easter

    Deniliquin Golf Club was the place to be
    over Easter with a whopping 110 golfers
    taking to the course for stableford on
    Among the massive field it was Chris
    Thomson standing tall with 40 points to win
    A grade ahead of Peter Joice on 36.
    Geoff Corboy scored 41 points to win B
    grade from Christian Langkav on 39, while
    Graeme Rothwell carded 42 points to beat
    Ron Friend on 38.
    Des Ramsey top scored for the day with 44
    points to claim D grade, with Colin Thompson
    runner-up on 39.
    It was a tight battle in Wednesday’s
    stableford with Stephen King surviving a
    countback to defeat David Ring in A grade,
    with the pair both scoring 38 points.
    Andrew Hall scored a B grade victory
    with 40 points ahead of Des Ramsey on 38,
    while Peter Robinson scored 40 points to
    pick up the C grade victory to finish in front
    of John Metcalfe on 37.
    Mixed vets nine and 18 hole handicapped
    and non handicapped will be held on
    Monday with 9am for 9.30am shotgun start.
    Golfers are asked to put their bookings on
    the sheet for lunch catering purposes.
    Last week’s results:
    Saturday March 31, stableford:
    A grade C Thomson 40, r/u P Joice 36; B
    grade G Corboy 41, r/u C Langkav 39; C
    grade G Rothwell 42, r/u R Friend 38; D
    grade D Ramsey 44, r/u Colin Thompson 39.
    Ball comp: D Ramsey, G Rothwell, G
    Corboy, C Thomson, Colin Thompson, B
    Bartling, R Friend, K Dunmore, C Langkav,
    J Penna, M Aitken, R Bradshaw, K Thompson,
    P Joice, D Cook, G Willoughby, B
    Bourke, C Steddy, F Riddell, W Game,
    Connor Thompson, S Butcher,N Nicholas, T
    Cheetham, P Plumb, K Leetham,MRadeski,
    J Kelly, D Woodhams, N Werner, J Webster
    c/o 34.
    NTP: 2nd G Davies, Colin Thompson; 5th
    R Taylor, A Lord; 9th S Jackson, R
    Bradshaw; 11thWHodgson, D Cook; 13th C
    Rakic, K Dunmore. Golden Hole – D
    Wednesday April 4, men’s stableford:
    A grade S King 38 c/b, r/u D Ring 38; B
    grade A Hall 40, r/u D Ramsey 38; C grade P
    Robinson 40, r/u J Metcalfe 37.
    Ball comp: P Robinson, S King, D Ring,W
    Hodgson, R Gray, F Conallin, N Nicholas, D
    Irwin, J Metcalfe, K Pearce, J Radeski, D
    Ramsey, A Hall, B Bourke, J Hunt, P Joice,
    R Landy, J Penna, M Lyne, R Friend, J
    Rhook c/o 34.
    NTP: 9th P Seely, J Rhook. Golden Hole –
    J Radeski.
    Thursday March 29, ladies stableford: G
    Campbell 39, r/u V Brunker 37.
    Ball comp: P Aitken, S Simpson, M
    Radeski, M Menadue, P Grant, M Rothwell
    c/o 31.
    NTP: 9th G Campbell; 11th S Lugsdin.
    Tuesday April 3, ladies nine-hole stableford:
    V Barnes 22, r/u S Pisasale 18 c/b.
    Ball comp: B Daniels, P Taylor, P Aitken,
    P Davis, M Farrell, J Lord.
    NTP: S Pisasale.