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Monthly Archive for: ‘October, 2017’

  • Landy ‘bobs’ up to claim Borella Cup

    Bob Landy claimed the Borella Cup on Saturday after scoring 39 points in the stableford event.

    The effort also saw Landy claim the B grade win, finishing ahead of Graham Rothwell on 37.

    In A grade it was Simon Tilders with 37 scraping home, winning on countback from Peter Seely.

    It was much the same in C grade, Ken Pearce also scoring 37 to win on countback from Felicity McCalman.

    Marg and John Radeski paired up to claim the Pickers Cup on Sunday.

    The pair scored 72 in the Canadian foursomes event, with Terry Howe and Prue Lloyd finishing as handicap winners on 72.

    On Thursday, October 5 it was Pauline Davis claiming the ladies Medal of Medal’s win, scoring 71 in the stroke event.

    The win saw Davis also claim A grade in front of Margaret Menadue on 73.

    Annette Danckert scored 70 to win B grade, with Jan Lord runner-up on 72.

    Phil Hodgkinson stood tall on Wednesday for the men’s single stableford, scoring 37 points to win A grade.

    He finished just one shot in front of runner-up Peter Seely on 36.

    John Metcalfe survived a countback against Graham Huntington to claim B grade, with both scoring 41 points.

    Headlining this weekend is the Holden Scramble, which will be held on Sunday.

    Last week’s results:

    Saturday October 14, stableford:

    A grade S Tilders 37 c/b, r/u P Seely 37; B grade B Landy 39, r/u G Rothwell 37; C grade K Pearce 37 c/b, r/u F McCalman 37.

    Ball comp: B Landy, S Tilders, P Seely, A McKinnon, N Nicholas, K Pearce, T Grant, K Simpson, G Rothwell, P Webb, B bourke, D Irwin, D Grant, Chris Thomson, A Hall, G Willoughby, A Patterson, F McCalman, J Poka jnr, P Astill c/o 34.

    NTP: 2nd T Grant; 5th J Poka jnr, Col Thompson; 9th J Poka jnr, A Hall; 11th S Tilders, K Simpson; 13th J Poka jnr. Golden Hole – K Simpson.

    Sunday October 15, canadian foursomes:

    Pickers Cup J Radeski and M Radeski 72; h/cap T Howe and P Lloyd 71.

    Ball comp: G Willoughby, F McCalman, G Rothwell, M Rothwell.

    Wednesday October 18, men’s stableford:

    A grade P Hodgkinson 37, r/u P Seely 36; B grade J Metcalfe 41 c/b, r/u G Huntington 41.

    Ball comp: G Huntington, R Sobolewski, R Parks, P Hodgkinson, P McMillan, C Liefting, P Seely, R Friend, J Metcalfe, A Liebenberg c/o 35.

    NTP: 9th J Hunt, A Liebenberg. Golden Hole – J Radeski.

    Monday October 16, veterans:

    Winners J Hobson and A Higgins, r/u B Leetham and R Smith.

    NTP: 5th G Beckton, P Beckton.

    Tuesday October 17, ladies nine-hole stableford:

    M Smith 25, r/u M Sharp 22.

    Ball comp: Y Holmes, J Hussey, J Hattwell, J Hobson, F Harrington, P Smith, S Aitken c/o 18.

    NTP: P Smith.

    Thursday October 5, ladies stroke:

    A grade P Davis 71, r/u M Menadue 73 c/b; B grade A Danckert 70, r/u J Lord 72.

    Ball comp: K Leetham, D Hunter, J Armytage, M Rothwell, A Ferguson, C Maher, S Simpson, L O’Brien c/o 77.

    Putting: K Leetham 24 putts.

    NTP: 5th P Aitken; 9th J Lord; 11th S Cohen.